RFI 16 Element Yagi 470-490MHz


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The YB Series are high gain yagi antennas which will provide excellent point to point communication in RF control, short or long haul link and other applications calling for highly directional antennas. YB Series antennas exhibit narrow beamwidths and high front to back ratios to help minimise potential interference to and from other systems.

The YB16-71 feed element of each antenna is of full folded dipole construction thus offering maximum bandwidth and reliability.

The dipole element is welded to the boom to ensure low intermodulation performance and maximum durability.

The passive elements are through mounted to the circular boom section and welded at each side to further minimise the potential for both corrosion and generation of intermodulation products.

The alodined protective finish provides a conductive surface to ensure effective earthing of the antenna when mounting.

Constructed with 2 to 16 elements, YB Series yagi antennas offer a choice of gain and beamwidth characteristics and can be configured in stacks or bays for higher gain applications in either horizontally or vertically polarised systems.

Application details on phasing and mounting yagi antennas are included in the technical notes section of this catalogue.

Yagi antennas rest at ground potential to provide excellent lightning protection and reduced precipitation static noise.

Termination is via an 'N' female coaxial connector fitted to a short Durathene cable tail. Durathene polyethylene jacketed cable provides superior resistance to weathering and abrasion and is less susceptible to bird attack than standard PVC sheathed cables. For extreme climatic or corrosive applications, the stainless steel YBSS Series or black ruggedised RDA Series yagis should be considered.

• All welded construction for maximum and reliable performance

• Narrow beamwidths & high front to back ratios effective in reducing interference

• Alodine finish provides an excellent conductive surface for earthing

• Can be configured in stacks or bays for higher gain applications using PH and PHE series phasing harnesses