5m cable No Connector

The CD93 Series are high performance elevated feed mobile antennas which can be used in virtually any mounting position. When gutter or roof bar mounted, high above a vehicle, and delivers a full 6.5dB of gain over a 1/4 wave whip


• Totally ground plane independent

• Elevated feed boosts radiating element above obstructions

• Phasemaster™ whip section provides superior performance and strength

• Quality construction – choke assembly is crafted from chrome plated solid brass

• Can be used with a variety of mounts.

(1) Mopole antennas such as the CD93 have been shown to exhibit a 6.5dB improvement in received signal level in the field when compared to a ¼ wave whip however in pattern tests exhibit only 1.5 to 2dB over a ¼ wave (equivalent to 1.5-2dBi). This improvement in performance can be attributed to a lower radiation angle level of these ground independent antennas.

(2) Available pre-terminated with 5M RG58 cable. Use -73 to replace -70 suffix.