“Security is not a luxury, But a Necessity in Today’s Lifestyle”

Central Monitoring Station

JV Protection Services Central Monitoring Center in Adelaide, relies on a state of art automation system designed and built by JVPS engineers. The system was architected to support the specific requirements of 24/7/365 interactive monitoring and reflects the years of experience that only JV Protection Services can offer in this industry. Coupling Microsoft technology with industry leading digital receiving hardware allows our Operators to work with our customers quickly and confidently so that their focus is on our customers’ business and not our own.

Just as important, is the commitment that JV Protection Services has made to ensure that the facility is substantial enough to operate in the event of an emergency. In the event of a power loss, the Central Monitoring Center is powered by both a full battery backup for every machine and an onsite diesel generator.

The primary communications to the facility are fully redundant fiber optic connections. Additionally, JV Protection Services maintains several fixed wireless link backups for all data communications. However, disaster recovery planning means planning for the very worst probability and JV Protection Services has done just that to ensure the continuity of our services for our customers. The internet access is provided by three different companies and delivered on three different physical connections from three different compass points.

The state of the art measures that JV Protection Services has taken to ensure the continuity of our service in the event of disaster may seem extreme. At JV Protection Services, it is simply the appropriate commitment to ensure that our customers’ business operations are protected even when ours may be compromised. For our current and prospective customers this is just another example of JV Protection Services focusing on the details so that you do not have to.