JV Protection Services GPS Monitoring Centre Australia

We provide real-time GPS tracking
for all types of Cars, Trucks, Buses, Motorcycles, Trailers, Containers, People and Pets. 

  • Track and view your vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Uses a secure web-based application for ease of use and efficiency of operation
  • Choose from multiple map formats: Classic, Satellite, and Hybrid
  • View the location and driving details for your vehicles every minute
  • View the street-level picture of the vehicles when desired
  • Ability to view on the screen only the specific vehicles or group of vehicles you desire
  • View “Live” traffic to avoid problem areas around town
  • View full screen map of vehicles or split screen with data and map side by side
  • Map auto-updates without you having to do anything further
  • Map re-centers the vehicles so that you can always view them as they move around

Dangerous Lane Changes and Braking

Identifying aggressive on-road behaviour which is often evident in dangerous, sharp lane changes and harsh breaking, will help you prevent collisions and accidents before they occur. Putting a stop to poor driving behaviour will help you achieve safety with your drivers, and other vehicles on the road.

Accident Recording and Instant Notifications
If an accident occurs, be one of the first to know and take timely action steps. With JV Protection Services unique algorithm, you will receive a detailed view of the last 30 seconds, broken down into second detail of the event. This will help you understand what lead to the accident, and allow reconstruction. Additionally, if a vehicle is hit while parked, it would prove no-fault on the driver.

Savings From GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Fuel Savings – Idling, Speeding
Saving hundreds, and even thousands of dollars on fuel costs. Effectively reduce fuel costs by reducing driver idling time, speeding, fast acceleration, and more. Savings and ROI can be derived in just days!

Route Optimization for Better Trip Planning
Efficiently dispatch drivers with JV Protection Services route optimization tool to help reduce fuel consumption and enhance time productivity. Route optimization, by creating customer zones, helps management locate drivers at all times. With proven results, your organization can become customer-focused and meet time sensitive demands and client expectations.

Prevent Vehicle Abuse and Wear and Tear
Even the simplest vehicle repairs can be very costly to your bottom line, especially if you have multiple vehicles on the road. With JV Protection Services powerful and industry leading fleet tracking software and devices, help stop and prevent vehicle abuse.

Detect Engine Issues and Monitor Fault Codes
With engine fault code information, you can now stop engine issues before they become costly to manage and repair. A fault code will specifically tell you what the engine issue is and where to find it, helping you save on vehicle inspection time and costs, and possible vehicle down time.

Schedule Vehicle Maintenance and Reminders
Prioritize vehicles for repair based on their active diagnostic faults. Depending on your engines, they will also produce a range of useful engine use information. Focusing on predictive engine health uses service techs to their fullest!